Monday, February 12, 2018

About the comments section or lack thereof.

I had to go on a little trip, and I didn't want to have people submit comments and not be able to approve them for days, so I just took them down.  One thing I've noticed since going away and coming back is that I've developed compulsive checking behavior.  60 minutes did a story on this mostly revolving around smart phones and how they condition behavior to keep the user engaged.  Yes, silicon valley people have conditioned your phone checking behavior intentionally and your being manipulated.  The same thing was happening to me and this blog that my wife has put together. She certainly doesn't have time to tend to it so it has fallen to me to kind of weed and feed it.  But even with me doing that, I need to tell her when she gets home what needs to be responded to on top of her already 28 hour day.  It may be hard for people to believe, but she's not overjoyed to come home and spend more time in front of the computer though she does appreciate very much everyone's support and the warm reception this little booklet has received.  There's just not time in the day.  Physics just doesn't allow it.

Since I've been handling this blog, I've noticed that I'm always checking it for comments that have been left because I feel a responsibility to approve comments as quickly as possible.  I don't like to leave people hanging.  And of course a blog like this can't be done without moderated comments.  Something had to give.  Originally she wanted to just do the book in the link above just to get it out of her head and share our experience almost like a civic responsibility and just leave it up.  And people that were searching for it could find it.  There's really not much else to say.  Continual new posts would just be redundant and repetitive.  That's not to say there won't ever be new posts, but what needs to be said has been said.  Mostly she wants people to remember that this thing were doing is about fostering greater passion and intimacy through frequent sexual intercourse.  With that in mind move forward with love and an understanding of each other's needs through open communication. And if something is not working, stop doing it and find something that does work for both of you.

DISCLAIMER: This blog depicts the loving consensual agreed upon relationship between the author and her husband.  Every relationship should be safe, sane and consensual.  Anything else is illegal. This blog is not meant to substitute for your personal due diligence and is not to be taken as medical advice.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Sarah's Corner: Let's see where this goes.

When the idea of consequences for unauthorized ejaculation is brought up, some women may be put off.  I've given a whole list of non-contact adversive stimuli, but curiously, virtually everyone from my memory selects contact punishment which consists of a spanking/strapping that's severe enough not to be sought by the male again.  The thought may be arousing to him but the actual experience ...not so much.  Jen is a recent reader who might describe herself as a vanilla wife is just starting YGSRP with her husband, and she had some reservations about the contact part that she and her husband chose as a consequence.  Sarah who is about a month into the program with Peter had some excellent advise.

I'll keep you posted what happens. Initially I was pretty reluctant to do anything like this but it's kind of exciting now that I broke the ice. Like the guy above posted, my husband was shy about this but hinted that he wanted me to control his ejaculations. I think maybe he was ashamed or was afraid how I would react. I understand since unlike YG and Sarah who seem pretty adventurous, I am vanilla and have not been into kinky things. In some ways we're the opposite of YG and YGH since he practices yoga and I don't. For a while he's been trying to limit his orgasms...he made it sound like a yoga thing. I think he's still cautious because he wasn't his usual talkative self when we discussed this YG plan. When I asked him for consequences he didn't want to come out and say he wanted me to spank him. He said he will just go with what I'm willing to do. I had to ask him point blank, well on the site it looks like most women paddle their men, will that work as a negative consequence? I could tell that turned him on and he just nodded silently. Again, this part is tough for me - I've never spanked or paddled anyone but he's into it. I don't really understand that part yet but it makes sense that he needs something negative to train him. It sure seems like men want this kind of treatment...again, still new to me. Lets see where this goes


I’m going to base my advice to you on the only thing which I can draw from, my own experiences with Peter, so please take what I am saying with some hesitation. What works/worked for us won’t necessarily work for you. Everyone reacts and responds differently so there is no golden answer I can provide.

My answer is to let your own gut feelings be your guide in this, and to take the difficult step of being adventurous with this. Trying something new is always difficult, and I, of anyone understand that. But this may be your first and last chance to try something this spontaneous and so potentially rewarding in your relationship so I would seize it. The way I read what you are saying… your man is providing you with all of the “tells” that he is looking to you provide him with this sort of relationship. If nothing else, he wants you to try it out. He’s just a bit shy coming out with it to you that he is looking for the intensity and the need for the physical correction. That’s hard for a man to come out and say I think. Their supposed to be the strong figure in the relationship - the way our society has structured it and not the other way around. So it’s hard for men to break that taboo of becoming the submissive partner. Not really even submissive, but just willing to accept the lead of his wife in some facets of life. That goes against their natural DNA that we as society have provided them. But the main thing to take away is that he WANTS you to try this with him so in my book there is nothing stopping you from making the attempt.  To help make your decision just be aware of what this lifestyle can potentially provide you (no guaranties). …

First it has the ability to provide YOU with the sexual satisfaction you may have been missing in your life so far. I don’t know this I’m just guessing this. I went from an occasional blue moon orgasm with Peter to an average of 2 a night now. I am very sexually fulfilled now. Physically (sexually) I have come alive and I am loving it.

Second it has the ability to provide your spouse with the sexual satisfaction he also may have been missing from life. I am finding from my relationship with Peter that he CRAVED this kind of sexual lifestyle. He enjoys being submissive to me sexually. It flips all of the right switches in his head.

Next, I am also finding that this is also flipping all of the right switches in my head as well. Being dominant with Peters sex life and being a large factor in Peter’s non sex life is a huge turn on for me sexually and emotionally. I did not at all expect this to occur. We have very mildly PLAYED along these lines in the past but it was all just that - play. I am very surprised to find myself enjoying and embracing this lifestyle. I never imagined I would be spanking Peters butt with any frequency. I certainly didn’t envision that I would be spanking him to tears. But after taking that initial plunge and allow Peter’s very own reactions to the spanking to be my ultimate go/no go guide – its proved to be the right thing for us to do and is helping us in our relationship. I GET OFF spanking him. It makes me extremely horny and hot. Seeing him change before my eyes as I spank him is just something else. Seeing this fulfill this very primal need in Peter is just intoxicating. But Peter’s every behavior during and after the spanking is telling me that this is what he needs and ultimately what he enjoys. I am filling what used to be an unknown void in his life with this mutually embraced behavior.  So sexually we are BOTH getting what we need in the relationship. Previously this was not the case for either of us.

Next if you look at all of the links YG has provided on her site and look through the documentation which YG herself has written you will see all of the mental, physical and spiritual benefits provided by a man retaining semen. Its good for his entire being. How often do you run across something with this sort of potential impact on a person’s life? This retention effects all areas of the mans life in and outside of the bedroom. It effects his behavior with you and his general outlook and interaction with everyone else in life. It’s a life changing behavior. Peter is a better man inside the home and outside of the home. He a better man in bed and out of bed. His outlook on life is generally improving in all areas – I can see it happening. He sees that giving himself emotionally and physically to me is the best thing that has ever happened to him.

Another component of this is that I feel I’ve gained a life partner that I can go on to live my entire life with. He is a man who is not afraid anymore to look at and to embrace his softer side when he’s in my presence. I have given him the OK to go there and be comfortable in those shoes. Its our life to lead as we see fit. Society and all of its stigmas and rules and regulations for a man’s behavior doesn’t have to be a part of what happens in our household and we are both embracing that. We like who we both have become in our house. My actions feed him and his actions feed me. I can’t tell you how nice it is to have a man who now does at least his share of the household duties. There have been several occasions so far where he has done more than his own share. Every day he is evolving further there. This turns me on. Him doing housework turns me on – who would have thought that? By being able to provide him with what he needs in life - love, sexual energy, compassion, discipline (Lilith) and emotion he is able to better meet all of my needs as well.

My typical daily investment into this entire process to bring about all of this change in Peter is truly minimal. How much time does it take to give him a spank or two or a pat or two or just a naughty look? Minutes at most. I enjoy giving him his nightly “get home from work exam” – that doesn’t cost me anything. That’s foreplay to me for those 2 orgasms which come later in the night for me. A more than fair exchange. I keep myself engaged in his sexuality and his life. I’m able to do that with very little extra investment on my part. It has become a no brainer for me to have this in my life.

So basically, what I’m telling you is what do you have to lose by trying this out? You have so much to potentially gain. He has already given you the green light to proceed. You just need to find the courage for the first step or two and to get this genie out of the bottle and let it go on its own from there. My recommendation would be to start his corrections at a medium intensity. If you go to light it will just interpret into play activity you won’t be able to accurately gauge his real reaction to what you are providing. You don’t want to go berserker mode on him right away either because there is a chance he won’t respond favorably to it. Plus you both have to take some time to just learn the ropes a bit before you venture that far to make sure your not causing any real damage to one another. Make it real off the get go and see how he reacts. His body language won’t lie to you. If he reacts favorably, do it again and then again. If he still reacts well, try ramping it up a notch and see how he continues to react. That will help you dial this into a level that works for you both. And then finally your both are just going to have to weigh in on what your both receiving from all of these changes. If it not enjoyable to one it’s not enjoyable for both. Bad is bad.. Go back to something less or just revert back to what you had before.


Excellent advise.  I would also recommend reading chapter 11 just so women gain a different perspective on their role as a woman.  This chapter explores the mythology of our two mothers Lilith and Eve.

DISCLAIMER: This blog depicts the loving consensual agreed upon relationship between the author and her husband.  Every relationship should be safe, sane and consensual.  Anything else is illegal. This blog is not meant to substitute for your personal due diligence and is not to be taken as medical advice.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Sarah's Progress Report #2

Super Bowl Sunday

Well it was a night which Peter won’t forget in quite a while. Not so much for the Super Bowl itself, although that proved to be an interesting game for a change with all of the back and forth scoring, but more so because of what we did during and then after the game. I’m not a huge sports fan, so the whole Super Bowl thing is a little but lost on me, but Peter enjoys it.
I had come up with my own game plan for the evening to make that whole game experience more interesting to us both – especially yours truly. I had Peter bring down our portable massage table from upstairs and he set that up in the living room in front of the big screen. We pulled the shades down and cranked the heat up in the house (we’ve been having some bitter cold weather here lately). Once the heat kicked in we both got naked and settled in for the game. I laid myself down on the heated table, and I had Peter give me a nice long full body massage while he continued to watch the game. We had the table situated where he could still catch the game while working me over. He’s getting pretty good at it and it was very relaxing and sensual experience for me. He did that for the whole first half of the game so it was a really nice long massage for me. Then during the half time show, I skooched up to the end of the massage table and spread my legs open wide for Peter so he could go to work with his tongue and mouth. I don’t think I will ever be able to think of Justin Timberlake quite the same again… I don’t know if it was the relaxing massage beforehand, Peter’s developing oral skills or what exactly, but Peter was finally able to make me come through oral alone. This orgasm just slowly built and built for me and ended with my wrapping my legs around Peter’s head. I was squeezing and pulling him in so forcefully with my legs that I’m surprised his head didn’t end up being fully inserted into my pussy for that climax. This was a first for us/me. Normally I need the penetration to be able to orgasm. Since we started the retention program the frequency of our sex has gone way up (almost every day now). I think that I must credit my first orally induced orgasm to just becoming way more sensitive and receptive to both his tongue and his penis through all of this prolonged sexual activity we have been having. As Yoga Girl had put it in one of her posts, it’s been an awakening process for my Yoni. Every day she just seems to come a bit more alive for me. Its been a very, very pleasant side effect of Peter’s whole retention program. I really am starting to turn into a sex junky. Peter was quite proud of himself for being able to add this to his list of recent achievements – and I of course was overjoyed with it.

I decided that given later tonight was going to be his scheduled e-day (if he made it through our normal sex session later in the night that is) and since he had been able to give me this wonderful first ever oral orgasm, turn around would be fair play on my part in this case. The second half of the game I gave Peter his own slow and sensual full body massage. At this point, Peter seemed less interested in the game and he was just listening with just half an ear and watching with closed eyes for much of it. We had the table orientated as such though that if he really wanted to see a play he could though. Eventually I focused my massage on his just his cock and balls and the area in between. I had him get up on all fours on the table, and I pulled his cock and balls down between his legs and pointing those backwards towards me (this was something we had seen on one of the internet sites some time ago, and we both thought it was a very hot massage). I ever so slowly rubbed, kneaded and massaged his entire cock and balls that way. I was keeping a very close eye on him for any signs of pending eruption, but I gave him a very long slow sensual tease that way without him spilling. He really had to control his orgasm from coming quite a few times. I then had him go over onto his back and draw his legs up. Since he was so relaxed I decided to give his butt some attention. I was easily able to work a couple of lubed fingers into Peter and slowly finger fucked him for a good while. I have to say that he was getting quite into it.  He was moaning and thrusting into my fingers a bit as I worked them in and out of him. His cock wasn’t getting hard from it, but he was clearly enjoying the gentle thrusting action. While I was “in there” I also gave his prostate a quick feel just so I could continue to gauge my whole before and after ejaculation thing with that. In the end it was sort of a terrible dilemma for him. He had to decide if he wanted to focus on all of the pleasure and attention I was giving him, or to instead focus himself to the game going on front of him. I’m not a football fan but I have to admit that even the ending to this game had gotten me a bit interested in it – it was an exciting conclusion, I thought Brady was going to pull if off right there at the end.

When the game ended, we just put a blanket over the couch (didn’t want to get that all oily) and cuddled for a nice romantic movie on the pay for view. I needed some time to let my pussy wind down and feel a bit less sensitized before the upcoming main event. I fondled him lightly throughout the movie to keep his attention peaked. Finally, the movie ended, and I grabbed him by the cock and led him upstairs. We started again with some very gentle oral action on my pussy, I was quite wet so he didn’t need to spend too much time down there. We went into our normal T -position and I slowly thrusted upon Peter's monstrously engorged cock until I had two wonderful orgasms. I’ve been contemplating throughout the week how to best handle Peters scheduled orgasm. I want to be able to view it when it occurs to properly “inventory it”. In particular, I want to be able to view his entire output of semen to ensure that it’s representative for a man who has been retaining for a solid week. I want to see if the volume looks correct. But my dilemma with that has been is that I find it very enjoyable to have him inside me when he does cum, I really enjoy feeling his cock harden inside me when he cums and then to feel all of those slight pulsations of his dick when he does erupt. That’s a very special thing for me, it makes me feel very connected with his orgasm when that occurs. But the downside with that is that then all of his semen goes directly into me where I can’t easily view it then. I decided this time to experiment and before we started on his ejaculation run, I slipped a condom on over his penis. I thought this way he can still get to cum inside me but, yet I would be able to get his full sample in view after he was finished orgasming by catching it in the condom. So that’s what we did. I slipped the it on him and then put him on his back. I slowly lowered myself onto his cock while facing him and took him for a ride. I very slowly slid up and down on his erection to prolong his orgasm for as long as possible. All the way up and then all the way down, over and over. I gave him instructions to let me know anytime he was getting close to orgasm. I kept the slow pussy massage of his cock going for an excruciating amount of time. He was SO ready to blast off, I was just really getting into denying him a bit longer while just stimulating the heck out of him that way. His face was getting all twisted up from the intensity. Finally, I took pity on him and told him that if he asked permission very nicely that I might allow him to cum. I then said to him that if I did say “yes” that he has just like 2 seconds to cum right after that or he’s done for the evening whether he cums or not. He needs to do it to my command or not at all. Are you sure you want to cum right now honey? Are you ready for me to say yes? But you better be very careful and not even think about cumming before you hear me say yes or you will be in deep trouble with Lilith. This made him hesitate. I could see the turmoil in him as he struggled to time his orgasm to his saying the magic words at the appropriate time. Finally, he yelled out “can I please cum now!!!! I hesitated for just the briefest of a second to get him a bit worried, and then replied to him “yes baby you can cum for me now, let me feel it!” – and I gave him a couple of quick deep thrusts and he erupted right on time Good Boy! I could feel his cock swell of further inside me and grow an inch (or so it seemed). I could then feel the quivering of his cock deep inside me as he shot his full 7 day load into the condom. I gave him 30 seconds or so to bask in the sensation of his orgasm and then I pulled myself off of him. I pulled the condom off of his penis, and then sucked what semen was still left on his cock off with my mouth. I then emptied the contents of the condom on his belly and cock. I scooped up a large dollop of it and fed that to Peter with my finger. I then kept to my earlier promise and dutifully ate of the rest of it up myself. I sucked and licked him clean. I could tell that made Peter’s night, so it was worth it. He had been a very good boy for me all week long and deserved some special treatment.

The new condom method worked out pretty well. I think it’s the closest I’m going to get to a compromise in order get everything that I’m looking for with his orgasm. I still got the majority of the feel that I normally do when he cums inside me. The sensations may have been slightly deadened in me. Sometimes I can kinda feel his cum sort of hit inside of me when he spasms. With the condom I don’t think that will be fully possible. But doing it this way I was able to get a full and accurate measure of his output. The volume looked about the same to me as after his first cycle – perhaps even a bit more to this load if my memory served me correct. So I think he has been a very good boy on this last cycle. The other properties of his semen were pretty similar as well. The condom has left a slight amount of its own taste and smell to his cum, something which I’m not overly crazy about. But I think I could pull those undesired elements away from his sample (in my head) to still compare his other attributes ok still. I may have to experiment with some other condom brands to see if there is one out there which imparts less of its own flavor and taste to his semen. Since I knew that going forward my new resolve now included consuming all of Peter’s cum on his e-day, I had put him on a strict morning regimen of drinking a large glass of pineapple juice every day. Every morning this week he’s been dutifully drinking a real tall glass for me. I think that really did make a difference in his taste this time around. There was a hint of sweetness to this batch over his previous weeks batch, and I think it also slightly improved the smell. It still smelled overall like ocean (which I don’t mind, I just can’t handle when it tastes beachy - but ocean is perfectly fine), and this batch was even a touch more of “nothing” in its semen smell than our previous experience had been. So were going to stick with the pineapple juice, I think it helps the overall quality of his ejaculate and it’s certainly not too expensive to keep buying. I then also followed up his orgasm with another quick feel of his prostate. I arranged him on the bed with his legs pulled up and then lubed up my finger and gave that a gentle feel. I really want to see if there is any noticeable correlation to its feel before and after ejaculation and then while he retains each day. So I’m still working towards determining if there is a direct correlation in its overall feel to those changes in his status.  I really would like to be able to use this as an effective gauge of his compliance to retention.

So in conclusion Peter’s second cycle was a touchdown event.  I think we both hope to see many more successful cycles out of him.

 DISCLAIMER: This blog depicts the loving consensual agreed upon relationship between the author and her husband.  Every relationship should be safe, sane, and consensual.  Anything else is illegal. This blog is not meant to substitute for your personal due diligence and is not to be taken as medical advice.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Sarah's Progress Report #1

I’ll answer your questions but first I better provide some background, so this will make more sense to some of the other people who might be reading this…. Well thank god for our retention tracking calendar in the bedroom- all of this really starts to get a bit confusing with all of the starts and stops and fumbles. That really is an indispensable tool for me to figure our where we are at and why. This all starts getting a little muddy when trying to remember the starts and stops of his cycles and the resets in between so the calendar is a must for me.

First just an explanation of where we are at with his second cycle. Peter was supposed to have had his 2nd scheduled orgasm yesterday (Tuesday) which should have been his day – but then he had that unauthorized event on Saturday night which caused his retention clock to reset to zero then. I don’t count the day he is not “in compliance” as one of his retention days, it’s a lost day for him and a freebie for me. So, Sunday was the official start of his second cycle - again. It won’t be until Super Bowl Sunday when he will be allowed to orgasm again and to complete his second successful cycle. I guess maybe that’s where the confusion is. I’m not counting all of his weeks in the program per say. In my head, I’m just tracking the number of his successful full cycle completions. He has had just one of those so far. The Super Bowl should be a real big night for him if he keeps himself from getting too excited about all of his kitchen chores or just too energetic with his thrusting during the week and makes it that far, we’ll see.

Wow, I've never been excited for Super Bowl Sunday before.

Going back to discussing his first cycle. He had very poor PE behavior in the day following his first orgasm – that had prompted me in a bit of panic to give him a severe correction later that day to help snap him out of his PE funk and to help get him back on board the program with the correct attitude which he was still missing while he was in PE. I was worried from his behavior that he wasn’t going to have the resolve again to get started on cycle 2. That’s when you and I had the discussion about the importance of allowing a man to have his natural PE recovery time and then allowing him come back onto the retention program of his own accord (and not to force it along with a correction as I had done). We had discussed that maybe the preferred way of handling that would be once he felt he was done being in PE mode that he should present himself to me to signal that he was ready to begin program again – with the proper attitude in place. This doesn’t mean he is free to do what he wants during that recovery time, it just means that I will give him some extra space to recover before I expect his behavior to be back to total normal.

So that’s the protocol I established with Peter after giving it some thought and discussing it with him. Anytime he ejaculates both planned and unplanned he is “allowed” to enter his PE mode and I will cut him a little slack at that time because his body is going through that mentally, but I expect that mode to be as brief as possible and then he must present himself properly back to me for acceptance back into our regular program once his head is back on straight.

We determined this to be his protocol in that event. Any serious behaviorally infractions while he is in PE mode are still fully correctable by me once he is out of PE. So he needs to mind his p’s and q’s regardless of the PE state – he’s accountable for his actions at all times. He just cut slack on receiving corrections until he’s out of that phase. So here’s the procedure we came up with for him once he feels himself to be done with PE…

1) He is to remove all of his clothes and come find me wherever I am in the house
2) He is to kneel in front of my feet, ass high, lips touching my feet
3) And he then has to tell me in his own words that he wants to begin his retention again and that he is doing so of his own accord, and that he is ready to do so without any more of his PE behavior. The ma’ams and all of the appropriate groveling actions are all just fine here for me when he does this. I enjoy seeing and hearing all of that while he is in the various correction modes and even while we are engaged in sex. I even don’t mind it when its just the two of us around the house outside of sex as long as he doesn’t go to far down the groveling path. He needs to display some backbone, but just backbone with a heavy dose of respect for my authority. So a ma’am here and there is appreciated from him while we are in those scenarios. I just don’t care for all of that once we are out of the house and in more of the normal couple out in public mode.
4) I will then say to him, kiss my feet and then stand and present yourself to me
5) He will then stand and place his entire package into my cupped hands and once again ask me to please let him retain again.
6) I will then accept his offer – and at that point he 100% back on program – with no further PE attitude allowed until his next ejaculation. Were back to normal at that point with the entire program.

So impressive Sarah.  I'm so happy for both of you. 

 So now fast forward to Saturday when he was in his second cycle and spilled unscheduled. He received his normal immediate corrections from me (spanking and then corner time). I then had him consume all of his ejaculation by licking it up. I had my usual taste test as usual first, but we had determined that when an accidental emission occurs that he must clean it up himself – and he did. This is another form of corrective action for him. I then checked his prostate to see how it felt right after an orgasm. I’m doing a daily check of his prostate to see if I can track his retention progress. The jury’s still out on that one if it a “scientific test” – but none the less I just like doing it to Peter because I think he feels very submissive (and I feel very dominant) with him laying on his back with his feet drawn up while I penetrate him with my finger and give him a quick feel. So that was it for Saturday night, shortly thereafter he went to bed. This then is how Sunday went down, with his whole PE and recovery…

Sunday morning rolled around and came and went. Observing his mannerisms and actions that Sunday, I personally felt by late morning he was coming out of PE mode. He was gradually becoming more submissive and mindful of me as the day went along. Sunday about 1 in the afternoon he did his thing and presented himself to me, and I of course excepted his retention back. The look on his face when he put his package into my hands and asked to retain again was priceless! I hedged my final acceptance and made a production of it, while holding his junk the whole time while I asked him ( I had rehearsed all of these while he was recovering) the following set of questions:
If he was sure if this is what he wanted? (answer expected and received)
Do you really want to do this for us? (answer expected and received).
Do you promise to be a “good boy” now for “mommy” for 7 whole days ? (sorry I just get off occasionally with the whole mommy and little boy thing – I thinks it’s part of our age difference and the whole MILF fantasy thing – sometimes I/we enjoy that – his answer was expected and received).
Do you promise to continue not masturbating for me and promise that the only thing place where you are ever allowed to ever orgasm with your penis is inside my pussy? (answer expected and received).
Do you promise only to cum on those occasions where I allow it, during your normal sheduled e-day? (answer expected and received).
Will you try to be a good boy and stay nice and firm for me while I thrust your cock until I get at least my 2 orgasms each night? (answer expected and received).
Will you wait to orgasm until I give you my verbal command? (answer expected and received).
Tell me what that command is? (answer expected and received – “may I please cum now”).
If your getting close to orgasming will you tell me? (answer expected and received).
And what happens if you cum without permission? (answer expected and received). 

This is so beautiful that he is making these choices for the relationship.  I think that really helps him to know how much he wants this.  This is ringing all his bells as it taps into the natural program that's in his head, IMO. 

With each question his cock got harder and harder for me and I felt it/saw it stiffening in my hands. As I asked each question, I give the nuts in his sack a little kneed and squeeze. Finally when all of my questions were asked and answered – I said “good boy”, I then got on my own knees and sucked his dick for a couple of minutes teasing it and sucking and biting it lightly. When I felt him starting to get close I stopped and gave it a final long hard squeeze. I then sent him on a mission with the toilet brush and cleaner – he was to get both upstairs and downstairs toilets spotless for me. When he was done with that he did a few other household chores for me. I kept him naked most of the day again. His cock was engorged for most of that activity. I loved it. Throughout the day I would give him small encouragement by giving him a quick pat or a quick squeeze or a firm slap on the butt. Each time I did that his cock would grow tremendously large.

So I think the whole protocol worked and he successfully took himself out of PE mode and back into full service all on his own.

He is adapting VERY well to all of the recent changes I put in place (after work Kitchen routine). So far that has been a big hit the 3 nights now we have followed the new routine. When I come home he has been waiting – naked for me by the back door. The kitchen and kitchen floor have been cleaned thoroughly (I had to give a few pointers on a few things the first couple of nights). I then have him place his package into my hands and I ask him -while looking deeply into his eyes- if he’s has been a good boy for me that day – no masturbating like you promised? He says yes, and I then say “show me”. He hands me the glove, lube and box of tissue he had made ready for me previously. He then lays down on his own clean floor and presents himself to me. He puts his feet up over his head and I give his prostate a quick inspection. As I withdraw my finger from him and then peel of the vinyl inspection glove I then say to him “you have been a good little boy haven’t you ” and I then gently wipe his lubed butt like a little boy while he is still on the ground and hand him the tissue and the disposable glove which I used to dispose of. I am really finding this to be like an instant attitude adjustment for him – he kind of goes to that special place in his mind when I do this little routine…anyhow)

And then after that we just proceed with the rest of the evening as we normally would, dinner, gym, tv, etc. Judging by his penis he is responding well to the entire after work inspection thing. Judging by my own wet pussy as I do all of this - so am I.

Sarah and Peter have engaged in safe prostate play in the past.  Just a note to everybody else.  The prostate is a delicate organ and can be damaged if you don't know what you're doing in there, so get informed from a credible source and be safe if you haven't done this before.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Update on our six week retention journey

Well, he didn't quite make it.  He lasted about 4 weeks retaining with Yoga Girl sex almost everyday being ridden in an almost climax state sobbing and crying.  I'm not sure a Tantric master would have done much better.

The last day, he was shopping with me, and I was trying on clothes.  He said he was experiencing a heavy swooning horny feeling, and he needed me bad, and that he felt like he could almost ejaculate in his pants right there.  He was almost dizzy.  I finished shopping, and we went to the car, and I said take it out.  It was huge, and crying.  It was definitely getting me going for sure.   I told him we probably need to go shopping for my clothes more often if that's the result.  I'm thinking in his current state, he's not even safe to drive.  He was fine an hour ago, Nothing was being done to arouse him.  This just came out of nowhere.  I'm thinking enough is enough.  Maybe we'll just go home, and I'll let him release.  4 weeks is pretty good.  We shot for the stars, and maybe he only jizzes all over the moon.  Lucky moon.

I'm not sure I want to reward him with a wet pussy when I get home because this is basically a mercy release.  So I thought I might test out his idea of he can't masturbate as there is no feeling pulling on it the way he used to theory. I was willing to bet that he couldn't succeed with his hand.  I tell him, "you can release, but you have to do it masturbating."  I'm not sure releasing this early deserves my sacred yoni.  He starts pulling on it vigorously and does that for awhile ...and a little bit longer... and longer.  Nothing is happening.  It's just not stimulating him.  This is interesting.  He wasn't able to pull it off so to speak.  I was betting that might be the case.  He's had only my wet vagina and a very, very wet one at that paired with his penis during ejaculation for going on 2 years.  His hand is such a let down at this point.  He was used to dry friction, now he's a wet lubrication with vagina man.  This is better than a chastity device.  I have the key to his release, and it's between my legs which is the position every woman should be in.  He seriously needs my pussy for release.  Wow.  Thank you Dr. Skinner and Dr. Pavlov.  What a contribution your principles have made to mankind.

What are you going to do now, baby?

Oh come on, please.

Please what?

Please let me in your pussy.  Pleeeease.  (he's almost in tears still pulling on his weenie in vain.)

I don't know.  Why don't you put your finger in there and tell me if my pussy wants to have anything to do with your penis right now.

(He samples it and it's pretty wet.  Oh no, I'm being out voted two to one. I have him mount me thinking I'm going to get some good A-spot action, and he starts screaming.  What?! he can't even get off a minute ago with his hand, but now he pumps and less than 10 strokes in, he's releasing!)

Don't you dare! You wait for the release command!

Please say it, mam!!!

(He tries to restrain, but I later discovered that he was just slow draining his load inside me. He took it out and started pumping trying to salvage what was left of his orgasm and spurted several drops on my stomach.)

You did that on purpose.

I swear I didn't. I knew you were going to give the command, and it just got excited I swear. Please.

What am I supposed to do?  You didn't wait for the command.

Please was an accident.

You know accidents are punished.  (Tears are welling up already)

Go get the long paddles and the restraints. This one's not going to be over the knee.

(He's on his knees at this point.)

Please, let's just do it over your knee.

Would you like to add ten more strokes with this begging. (He shakes his head no)

Then get things prepared.  (I give him a deep kiss. No anger involved at all.  It's just a natural consequence. An apple falls from the tree.  It's going to hit the ground no matter how much everyone doesn't want it to.)

I really wish you would have waited, baby.  Now ask me to let her off the chain, sweetheart.  Let's open my basement door.  (Deep kiss)

Anyway, the correction was delivered.  Now, I have to decide on what his regular ejaculation schedule is going to be.  The original intent of the six week thing is that Devi Ward Erickson was saying that at six to eight weeks you might be able to separate ejaculation for orgasm, but I'm not going to start that journey again anytime soon.  I just don't see six weeks as a plausible schedule especially with the way he's ridden almost everyday.

The good thing about doing the 4 weeks is that he now sees a two week schedule as a gift.  He wants a 7 day schedule.  I want a three week schedule.  We compromise on a two week schedule which lands where I wanted to be before we started the six week experiment.  I think two to three weeks is a good period of time to wait before evacuating the prostate.  That's my opinion for my husband and not based on any medical training. The reader will have to do their own research.  I've read one urologist state that at two weeks the prostate should be evacuated, and another state that the prostate should wait no longer than three weeks before evacuation if there hasn't been an ejaculation. Both accounts were provided by Doms interviewing urologists that wanted to know because they had customers that they were denying and wanted to be safe.  IMO, I think the best way to milk a prostate is by ejaculation.  It's natural and not forced. A six week schedule introduces that whole milking process.

Much of our pleasure has been derived from the journey, not the destination.  My goal is not to get him down to once a year.  My goal is heightened arousal to increase testosterone for him (7days just barely gets him there, IMO), and to provide passionate out of this world sex for both of us, and that requires that he exist in a state of need.

 Just to clarify the basement door reference above.

Ode to Lilith
A cautionary tale about possible corruption.

Awww... baby. Everything's just so damn perfect around here.  The kitchen is clean, the dishes sparkly, the house picked up and vacuumed, the floors are mopped.  You’ve attended to everything perfectly.  How disappointing ….. because there’s something knock, knock, knocking at my basement door. I bet the toilets aren’t scrubbed with that lime stone and have a slight ring.  Awww… damn, they’re perfect ... because I hear her soft, soft breathing and maybe just a little bit of seething behind that basement door.  I bet you forgot to buy those oranges I told you to get.   Awww… there they are in the hall.  Toooo bad ….because I feel her scratch, scratch, scratching behind my basement door.  She’s waiting all alone in the dark, baby.  You’ve left her there so long.  Don’t you just want me to let her off her leash just maybe for fun ...or is that jumping the gun.  Listen closely, baby.  Do you hear that soft, soft breathing behind my basement door. Did you remember to buy a new hairbrush to replace the one she broke on your rear?  Awww… there it is.  You do hear that right, baby ……that soft, soft, breathing …that scratch, scratch, scratching behind my basement door.  Should I….

No,mam….I’d rather you didn’t if that’s okay  ….mam.

She certainly has made an impression on you hasn’t she.

Yes, mam.


Thanks to my hubby for help with the website ...and the orgasms!

DISCLAIMER: This blog depicts the loving consensual agreed upon relationship between the author and her husband.  Every relationship should be safe, sane, and consensual.  Anything else is illegal. This blog is not meant to substitute for your personal due diligence and is not to be taken as medical advice.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Interview with Sarah #1

She doesn't need an introduction, but Sarah is a reader that is implementing YGSRP in her relationship with her fiance, Peter.  You can read her story entitled Sarah's Experience.  Here, Peter has completed his first cycle, and he's received his first ejaculation after seven days of retention with near daily vaginal stimulation.  She recounts his post ejaculation experience.  I then have a short interview with her.

In my “good fiancĂ©e” role to provide him with reward for completing his first retention cycle I was overly generous with my reward and sabotaged his program. For starters I allowed that second orgasm. Not only did I allow that second orgasm, but I allowed him to have it from a very male superior (non-Sarah in command) position. So that second spurt which while it seemed so innocent and nice to give him, was a horrible thing for me to have allowed. It disassociated him from my being in complete control of his final orgasm – I didn’t command him when to cum that second time. He didn’t do anything to earn that freebie, it was back to old school for him when he came that second time. It also depleted his ball sack substantially more, so I subverted the hard won spiritual-ness of keeping him in a near constant state of fullness. Something not earned isn’t special. I let him wham bam thank you ma’am me again. From now on it will be just one orgasm per cycle and only on my command.

Secondly, I invited him to penetrate me in the position he had relied upon in the past for his maximum enjoyment. I allowed him to doggy style me, not once but twice. While the first time I did direct every single thrust in and out of me when he did that – I did give him his old school method of penetrating me. That was the position of the old days when I rarely received my orgasm and it was all him. The second orgasm, in that position, I allowed to be a total free for all for him. He lasted all of 5 seconds. So not only did it serve to deprogram much of our hard work from the previous week, but how satisfying could that second orgasm have been for him? That was something to just pick up in a tissue and throw down the toilet, it was worthless to us both. I think going forward, when he is to receive his orgasm, I will be the one on top. I will be looking deeply into his eyes controlling all of the thrusting and speed of the thrusting – I don’t want him to get his ice cream to quick. Then when I feel its time, I will lift myself off and give him permission to cum all over himself. I haven’t totally figured out what I’ll do yet after we take inventory of his ejaculate and evaluate its composition to see verify his retention cycle. I may going forward, lick all of that up myself as a sign of appreciation for receiving his essence or I may apply it as some sort of special body lotion for myself – not sure yet.  I think I will still continue to make sure that he at least gets a taste of it. He needs to see fully experience the improvement which retention is providing as well.  These were two very critical errors on my part which won’t be repeated in the future.

As I noted, Monday he had showed a very different attitude and demeanor with me than the previous day. He was much more back to his old self – which is where neither of us really wanted him to be. As his bad behavior compounded throughout Monday night, I knew there was something I needed to do to quickly turn that around and to put him back on the right path.

I instructed him to strip down. I then grabbed him by his cock and led him into the master bathroom. I had the razor and shave cream all ready. I told him from now on if he didn’t already realize it – that his cock belonged to me. I was in control of it not him. His bad behavior reflected poorly on him and our relationship. I shaved his cock and balls clean. I told him that going forward that’s how I wanted him to maintain it for me. This will be your daily reminder of whom this belongs to and that all things good and bad involving your cock – come directly through me. If you’re going to behave like a little boy then you’re going to look like one. When we were done I once again hefted his smooth ball sack in my hand and asked him “who do these belong to – tell me!” He quietly answered, “they belong to you” In the brief instant of time that I was holding him like that, he engorged to his purple monster state. I said that’s good that you understand that now. But you still must be corrected for your bad behavior. “Do you know what that means," I asked?  He knew.  I was still completely dressed in my work clothes – so nothing sexy there. I sat down in the chair in our bedroom and patted my lap. That was his signal to put himself over it. I had decided that the use of a hairbrush would be more symbolic to him than his own belt. That hairbrush is now to be solely used for this one purpose going forward. I gave him a very intense correction. He was crying and yelling loudly when I finished. I intentionally made it more severe than my previous corrections. I wanted to nip this problem in the bud and get him back on track as soon as possible. When I was done I again stood him up and put his nose into the corner. I had him stand there for about 30 long minutes as I stared at his very red backside (I could feel the wetness build between my legs). Finally, I stripped my own clothes off and told him to put his tongue between my legs and show me how badly he felt about misbehaving and how glad he was that I had corrected his behavior. I didn’t cum, but I was extremely wet. After about 10 minutes with his face there I pushed him a way and told him to get showered up. Then to join me downstairs. The kitchen needs cleaning up after dinner and there’s a load of laundry to do. Come down naked I told him. Later that evening we had our normal session where I received my two orgasms. His butt was still quite splotchy and tender, but he was okay. I told him his next cycle wouldn’t begin until the following day. Today was a reset for him.

Post ejaculation will always be a big challenge with YGSRP.  But it's not really an issue anymore with my husband.  I think it's because even though he has an ejaculation day, he still has built up a reserve where his sack is still topped off,  and we're just relieving a bit of pressure and flushing the plumbing a bit.  My theory anyway.

Replying to your questions from the standpoint of this being close to midweek of his second cycle as I am writing this reply…..

Just a few questions if I may

1-Are you emotionally closer now? How does it compare to the week before you started YGSRP?

I feel we are most definitely more emotionally attached right now than before we started his retention program. For starters we are much more sexually intertwined than before the program started. We’re at something which is very close to a daily intercourse frequency vs the 1 to 2 days a week we were doing in the past.  Each daily session now consists of an extended love making session with us in the “T position” with Peter performing a slow and sensual thrusting to my pussy.  Each session typically now concludes with my achieving two orgasms to his completely retaining during that same session. With all of this added physical closeness which we are enjoying daily from our sessions you can’t help but bond deeper emotionally with your spouse as you go through all of those wonderful experiences together.  Additionally, since I have expanded his retention program to cover his non-sexual behavior, I am much more involved with Peter outside of sexual activities as well. No only am I monitoring those activities for correctness, I am then, if needed, applying spot corrections to his behavior. So I am much more intertwined throughout his life than before our program began. With all of this investment into his being (and that investment being very much a 2-way street between us) you can’t help but get more drawn into one another emotionally. There is just a lot more close proximity between us that was absent before. Everything we do in life involves some form of emotion or emotional attachment, His retention program is very much a team effort that has a strong emotional component tied to all aspects of it.

2-How does his passion for you now compare to before YGSRP?

In a few short words, “he’s like a bitch in heat right now” His little soldier is very much practicing the position of attention these days. With our daily extended sexual sessions, my daily encouragement of his retaining and his retaining predicament in general - as well as his ball sack being pressurized to something like 3000psi - he’s very much the horny devil these days. I’m starting to truly absorb some of your previous comments relating to that fact. It can get a bit annoying because it is so constant. It’s like you have this engorged cock breathing down the back of your neck all day long, I may have to explore some avenues of correction to fix this somewhat unexpected development. It really can get a bit annoying.

He is 20, and he's a machine about wanting to plant his seed.  Of course you know how to relieve that pressure.  But at least he is imprinting heavily on you as his source of pleasure.  You just need to decide on the schedule of release that will keep him sane yet compliant.  I'm not sure it can be fixed with correction so much as relieving the pressure.  My thoughts anyway.

3-Does he prefer living in a state of need as opposed to last week?

Until just a week and a half ago, since he probably was 14 or 15 years old, he’s been busy spurting his little cannon several times a day. He’s conditioned himself to that occurring. We have just started the process of reversing that behavior. Sure, he still enjoys very much to ejaculate – that’s his cherry on top of his Sundae. But he is starting to learn that all of the extra sexual attention (and non-sexual attention) he is currently receiving is also quite a nice experience in of itself. He’s basically getting everything else way more in spades than before -EXCEPT- for being able to spurt at will. That now needs my involvement. This process is teaching him to welcome my involvement and to show the needed appreciation for that involvement. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. So the more positive he behaves in the program, the more appreciative he shows himself in the program, that all has a direct positive benefit for him. So, it’s a conditioning process we are following right now. He has a lot of bad habits and bad conditioned behavior that need to be erased from his memory banks and replaced with the brand-new programming provided by YGSRP.  I think each successful retention cycle that he completes will slowly complete this reprogramming of his brain.  So with his re-programming becoming more complete each week, I expect his enjoyment of living in a “state of need” to be directly proportional.

Right now, I think he is looking back with a bit of “missing the good ole days” instead of fully appreciating where he is currently at. Following this past Sundays session where he had his orgasms, I noticed a definite undesirable change in his attitude and behavior that wasn’t there say early Sunday night before our session occurred. A lot of body language. I think I will have to take most of the blame for that. I made 2 major mistakes Sunday night.

I think your right.  With time his past life will be a distant memory.  For my husband, masturbation is a distant memory.  Don't forget about communication and companion inventories.  That gives him a chance to articulate his feelings, and you can catch things before they get out of hand.

4-How anxious is he to get back to YGSRP after release?

See answer to 3 above. But now that I have applied his correction to get him back on track- I think he is much happier and waiting for his next emission

5-Does he feel any shame about the asymmetry of the ratio of your orgasms to his?

I think he must at some level. He was the 20 something stud prior to this, getting all the free 30 something pussy he wanted with little cost to him. Now he’s in my control. I am monitoring his behavior, I am correcting his behavior, I own his cock now, and I’m controlling his orgasms. Right now, we are at like at least an 18 to 2 ratio on orgasms where before that it was flipped completely the other way around. I know that part is very hard for him to take especially this early in the game. This has been a reversal for him. His cock is shaved, and his balls are firmly in my pocket. So that must be a bit of a hit to his male pride/ego with all of that being the case.  He’s allowing his butt to be spanked to tears and then being made to stand in the corner for me.  But what I think what might be most shameful to him about all of this – is not that it is occurring – but that he at some level of his being – that he needs this and enjoys it.  He’s bigger than me and we are not married yet – so there is nothing really stopping him from getting up off my lap or just walking out the door on this relationship.  So if there is anything shameful about any of this to him it’s that fact.

I think he is in a bit of a sexual and mental awakening process with this all and just now realizing that not only does he need this retention for his own physical and mental health as well as for the betterment of our relationship - but that he is willingly embracing it (and quietly enjoying it).  The enjoy aspect of what is occurring is what I think is going to take Peter a while to wrap his poor little head around. Enjoy retention?  Enjoy standing in a corner?  Enjoy a bad spanking with tears in your eyes?  Enjoy doing the laundry?  That’s a big turn of events for Peter.

I'm sure his head is spinning.  There's 1,000 guys reading this today that want your number.

6-Just in terms of the non sexual aspects, how is he different with you when he’s practicing YGSRP?

Peter is definitely in a state of change non-sexually.  It like watching an ugly caterpillar turning into a beautiful butterfly.  I think because of our age difference, he was always a bit deferential to me as the older wiser partner.  I was always (outside of the bed room) the one with a little bit more say and influence.  I think that just goes with the natural maturity which women tend to show and then on top of that being a woman who is roughly 10 years his “superior”.  The fact that I out earn him substantially also has some play into all of this.  With the start of his retention program it’s like everything has just been amplified by a factor of 10 by the program.  As part of his program I have integrated the other non-sexual areas of his life into it.  I now have a direct say in how he behaves, how he is rewarded or how he is penalized for that behavior.  I just need to embrace correcting him more for his subpar non-sexual misbehavior – I’m still adjusting to that.  But his behavior outside of the bedroom is now going to factor into his retention cycle.  It can and will cause a reset to his scheduled e-day. That went into play this past Monday when his reset occurred there.

7-Does this appear like it could be a long term thing for you as a couple?

The genie is 100% out of the bottle now. How would I ever give this up? – why would I want to give this up?

I am getting so much more out of this relationship now than previously. My sexual needs are being met. My emotional needs are being met, and I have an active participant in our household now.
On his part as I mentioned, the only thing he isn’t getting more of in multitudes is orgasms. Outside of that he is very well attended to right now. I am allowing a very sweet private side of Peter to flourish now that he didn’t know that he had or that he was just suppressing. In place of his orgasms he is now receiving so much more. He is going to make such a wonderful stud husband for me. He already has done so much for us both to be proud of. But his coming accomplishments will just continue to endear him forever to my heart. I am here to push him into being that man.

Thanks so much for your time in answering those questions, Sarah.  I know everyone here greatly appreciates you sharing your introduction to this experience.  I'm looking forward to more chapters in your story as is everyone I'm sure.

DISCLAIMER: This blog depicts the loving consensual agreed upon relationship between the author and her husband.  Every relationship should be safe, sane, and consensual.  Anything else is illegal. This blog is not meant to substitute for your personal due diligence and is not to be taken as medical advice.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Sarah's Experience Chap. 4 "Success!!!"

Sorry for delay in my posting but some things came up in the family which distracted me (nothing too serious fortunately).

Well I guess everyones big question is – did he make it through his first 7 day retention cycle? The answer is a big and happy Y-E-S!!!!! hooray!!!!!

It was close though, we almost had an unauthorized spillage during our Saturday session which almost put a kibosh to his first good cycle. Saturday he was in the process of giving my second orgasm - thats my new standard following the start of this program. I know thats not a Yoga Girl nine but for me thats a pretty good number from where I was at. We’re working on increasing it. The slow methodical thrusting we do in the T position I think is leading that way. Its giving time for my body to get fully aroused and its giving me the time to build to these wonderful new shiny orgasms! Anyhow Saturday night I think he was getting a bit cocky with me and he yelled out that he though he might have overdone it! I panicked and did my “pull it out of my ass Yoga Girl impression”, and grabbed his balls and yanked! Good new was that it prevented his spilling (it really does work) but bad news is that it put him out of commission for the rest of the night so I didn't get number two. Sorry Peter I really didn’t mean to hank them quite so hard (or at all) I just somehow responded with that when he yelled out. Then I responded with that and then he really yelled out! Anyhow it saved Peters bacon and he lived to retain another day. In retrospect while I may need to work on my technique for that preventative maneuver – I don’t want to castrate the man…. I did prove that its a viable corrective action to that situation. So lesson learned. I need to pull less hard – and he needs to not do anything which will result in my pulling. So live and learn Peter…..

I woke up very early Sunday morning- probably worried about the damage I may have inflicted on poor Peter, and I reached over and gave his poor little soldier a feel. To my relief the little guy wasn't all that little and seemed to have made a nice recovery. Peter had quite the nighttime stiffy going. I gave his balls a tender little pat and went back to bed without waking him. While I was falling back asleep I planned out Sunday.

 Later Sunday morning I was downstairs making breakfast when Peter walked down from the bedroom. I apologized to him again (I really did feel quite bad about it) and then smiling – told him to take off his sleep clothes. I told him that I needed him buck naked for the rest of the day to keep a better eye on him. Actually given last nights situation, that morning when I woke up I had dug through my lingerie drawer and found some red satiny panties that were close to retirement age ( I knew having Peter wear them was going to ruin them for good). I felt that given what had happened I owed it to him to give his guys a bit of support for the day – so not quite naked but pretty close. He objected a bit, but I spun him around and gave him a quick hard spank and said put them on – now! He complied :) He looked ridicules but I loved it. We’re not really into the cross dressing thing too much, but from previous play I know that he secretly finds wearing my panties quite stimulating. He’s embarrassed by it and wont admit to it – no way, but I always point out his hard on when he’s wearing them – so he shuts up because he knows I’m right but he get a little steamed knowing that I know his little fetish secret. So with a bit of expertly timed encouragement on my part throughout the day he spent most of Sunday hard as a rock poking out from his cute little panties. When I would see that occur I would tuck his cock down between his legs and then give him a little pat on the butt and send him away to do whatever. But he spent most of the day with a wet spot covering the front of his little panties. Finally Sunday night rolled along – I could tell he was dying for it (so was I to be honest) but I had a lot of fun edging him throughout the day. I knew he was going crazy from the retention and my pantie play wasn’t making it any easier for him.

I took a nice long bubble bath that night and then pulled him into the tub. I gave him a nice clean up with the wash cloth taking extra time to clean his beautiful little cock. Finally we got out and dried off. I got on the bed and then I pushed his face between my legs which is where I like him to start out. It puts him in a good frame of mind I think. I can’t cum from oral alone but I do like the feeling of his tongue there. Its a nice start for me. Anyhow after a warm up we went into the standard T formation and I had him very carefully give me my now expected 2 orgasms. I didn’t want to blow the night for him so I coached him along to a nice very slow fuck session. It was wonderful, especially knowing that all he wanted at that point was to be allowed to cum. After my two I said, well you've earned your turn. How do you want to get it (as if I didn't know). He put me on all fours and did me from behind. I didn’t let him get off so easy though. I made him thrust into me on my command. IN and OUT on my very slow command for quite a long time. When I felt him getting close, I stopped the action. I told him that I needed to see him cum so I got on my back. I wanted to look in his eyes when it happened. I told him that I needed to inspect his load, so he had to pull out of me at the very start of his ejaculation and he was to cum all over my pussy. I then let him go to town. About 5 seconds later :) he came like a fire hose. He pulled out and sprayed me like he never had before. It was a volcano erupting!!! I had hot white cum all over me. We both started cracking up laughing. Finally we both got it in check. I reached down and grabbed a big glob of his cum on my finger. I slowly put it too my nose and took a deep breath of it. I then slowly put my finger inside my mouth and sucked it clean. I then repeated that one more time. Surprisingly. It was pretty darned good. It wasn't Culvers custard but it sure was much better than what I have tasted from him in the past. The volume was immense much more than anything he had done previously – I would say by a factor of like 4 to his normal output. The smell was pretty good. Normally his semen smells a bit like beach with ocean mixed into it. Tonight it was all ocean – not bad. Normally his color is tinged a bit to the yellow side (yuk). Tonight it was a very nice milky white throughout. Taste was acceptable. Bland like you described Yoga Girl. Much more so than normal. Not my favorite food but not bad tonight! Knowing his sacrifice of 7 days I think made it taste sweeter than normal. I then grabbed another finger full of cum and this time put it to his lips. I told him that he needed to be a good boy and taste what he tasted like after 7 days. From past little tell all exchanges between us – you tell me something naughty and I’ll tell you something naughty back – he had told me that he had occasionally sampled his own product. He didn't like it, but sometimes he felt in the moment enough to taste it after masturbating. So I knew he had his own baseline. I wanted him to know what 7 days tasted like so he would experience the difference. HE would then know that I totally would be 100 accurate when I told him that I knew what 7 days retaining looked like, smelled like and tasted like. He better not go back on his promise to retain since I would knew better, and I can now prove his faithfulness to me and our new program. So this is my plan at least for the foreseeable future. Were both going to have our little taste tests when he finishes each cycle. We’ll both build up to establishing what a new 7 day baseline looks like. So if he gets tempted well both know if he only went for only 2 or 3 days. Peter - your correction will be severe if you ever cheat on me. I will know it in your eyes, hear it in your voice and see it in your emission. So be a good boy!

Finally after doing our little taste test, I took his remaining cum and spread it over his dick.. I then got back on all fours and let him have an orgasm inside me. I don’t know how this fits with the retention program, if its ruining it by letting him cum too much (is twice in a row a negative to the spirituality of this program) please let me know your thoughts on this Yoga Girl. I enjoy feeling him pulse inside me – so thats why I did it. But I don’t want to ruin the effects of the program if this shouldn't happen. After that we cleaned up a bit with a towel, spooned and went to bed.

So that's what his first cycle looked like. It was pretty special to us both. He IS feeling bigger to me with his retaining. He is definitely building his stamina up, he just needed someone to help pace his efforts. The extra slow measured time is helping build my orgasms and allowing me to have them. So far this is all very great and I am excited by it all.