Saturday, January 7, 2017

Reader Question: How do I introduce this to my partner?

I've received a few questions from men that are really intrigued by this system, but are hesitant or afraid of what their wife might think or how they might react.  This is one of my most recent comments.

Wonderful blog you have here. Nicely put and everything seems logical. I want to share and practice this with my wife but I'm afraid how. I'm afraid how she's gonna react or what will she think.

I found this intro to Karezza video, and I wanted to share it.  First, if you don't know what your wife will think, there needs to be more open communication in your relationship.  Talking about what will turn you or her on, or how we can make our great relationship even better, hopefully should always be up for discussion.  And if you don't know how she would react, I certainly don't.

The below video is a really great intro to Karezza.  There is really only one flaw in that they recommend that both the male and female abstain from orgasm.  Alice Bunker Stockham is the originator of Karezza.  She originally recommended that only men refrain from orgasm, but she thought that was unfair to the men and so adapted it to also include women as well.  The Tao or Tantra would disagree.  And as I witness it in my own life, having intercourse with a male that's practicing retention has opened my sexuality even further allowing me to be multi-orgasmic.  I am not drained by having orgasms.  I am only enhanced.  My husband however is drained of energy by ejaculation.  With daily stimulation, my husband's one orgasm a week is more powerful than they otherwise would be.  So, Mrs. Stockham came up with a good thing and then got sidetracked by some twisted version of what she thought might be fair and just IMO.  You can practice however you think it works best for you as a couple.  I have not read Cupid's Poisened Arrow by Marnia Robinson, but I am familiar with her point of view from interviews etc.  I thought this video could be a nice little ice breaker to open up a discussion as a couple to other possibilities:

Cupid's Poisened Arrow Animated Book Review 

The Daily News also did a story on Karezza which could also serve as an ice breaker:

Skip the Orgasm - What's the Point? Couples Embrace Karezza, Sex Without Climax to Strengthen Relationships

ABC News has a story and video:

Karezza: Men Say Best Sex Comes Without Orgasm

Here's a very well grounded woman who helps and facilitates her partner's retention:

Sacred Sex Magic: Conserving Male Energy Using Karezza

Here's a interview with Marnia Robinson which could serve as nice ice breaker:

What Really Bonds is Less Orgasms & More Intercourse

Marnia applies abstaining from orgasm to women in this interview, and says you have to see where you fall on the bell curve as to how it effects you.  Many women don't orgasm during sex naturally.  Are they practicing Karezza?  No, they have a physiological or psychological barrier.  I simply have no ill effects from orgasm, and I have 9 nearly every day.  Many women struggle to have an orgasm.  They need to open their sexuality.  Men have much more profound ill effects from orgasm / ejaculation.  These videos can serve to open the discussion, and the couple can discuss the best method to facilitate the male's retention.  We have found that it works very well in the context of a FLR.

Anyway, here's some potential ice breakers.  See if you deem them appropriate for your spouse to view.


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