About the Author

I would describe myself as a typical woman in many respects.  I'm a career professional.  I have many varied interests and am always busy doing something.  I always have many irons in the fire.

In respect to this blog, for years I would say my husband and I had a very conventional relationship. We had a very good relationship in all respects.  As far as our sex life was concerned, it was largely initiated by him and sometimes by me.  As a good wife, I always indulged his sexual appetite, and he took me mostly when he pleased and ejaculated with me 100% of the time.  He also masturbated frequently and indulged in porn on a semi regular basis.  Though we had good sex, it was largely, brief, passionless, and I would sometimes use vibrators and masturbate when alone which I would say was a better experience much of the time.  I think this probably describes most couples evolution in their sexual relationship.  It starts with extreme passion and wanes and becomes serviceable as the years go by.  Most people think this is natural, unavoidable and to be expected with familiarity over time.  I know I did.

We have done brief periods in the past where we pursued a FLR (Female Led Relationship) and indulged in light BDSM activity.  These periods were never practiced in a sustained prolonged lifestyle kind of way, and we would drift back to a very normal life.  These things were pursued to mostly spice up a marriage that had grown a little lackluster over time.

While being active with yoga, Qigong and meditation,  I heard a woman Reiki Master talk about how fortunate she was to have a husband that practiced semen retention, and it peaked my interest.  I read about semen retention and became more interested in how it might benefit our marriage and introduced my husband to it.  He agreed to a short trial period which we kept extending as the results were so powerful, and his trial period is just now passing the year mark as I write this ( 10-11-16 ).  All the specifics are outlined in this blog so I won't go into great detail here. You should click on The Book tab to read it in the order the information should be read in.  It's free, we just wanted to share our experience and thought other couples might benefit from our experience with this approach to a FLR as it has produced a lasting FLR for us.  For us, a FLR was the result of his retention.  It need not be that way for you. You will have to see where his retention takes you.

After more than a decade of marriage, I can say semen retention has restored the passion we had during the first months we were together during the courtship phase of our marriage, and instead of just getting an erection and servicing me until he ejaculates, he's 200% engaged, and desperately craves me which fuels me to orgasm after orgasm.  I've found that with semen retention and adjusting his ejaculation schedule, a woman can adjust the intensity of her FLR to her liking.  I adjust and play with his ejaculation schedule with varying results.

There are numerous things that the experts suggest to renew the passion and keep a marriage fresh like date night, find a new activity and do it together.  Really, I think I've read them all and they're all pathetic compared to semen retention.  Your man lives by his sex drive, and semen retention simply gets to the heart of the matter and addresses any libido problems he might have most of the time.  Yes, if you have other stressors in your life like money stressors and other emotional stressors, semen retention isn't a magic bullet.  If he has job and has all those peaks and valleys he may have during the day, those things may occupy psychological space even if he is retaining which will effect his erections.  But overall, I think semen retention is very effective in focusing his arousal, and this is the most passionate year we've had in our marriage.