Testimonial #1

Just updating as these last two posts are mine. Its been 1 month since I stopped masturbating about 1+ times per day. No schedule, my wife is accommodating and we have averaged ejaculation every 2 - 4 days depending on her cycle and my needs. She also generally wants me to ejaculate inside of her and will whisper what she needs to if I intend to retain. So this is not 100% compatible with your own experiment.

But I will say this...at least with my personal biology, this has been completely mind blowing and transformational. Having my wife as my sole source of sexual pleasure, coupled with the biological changes associated with less frequent orgasms has changed everything.

We have gone from 2 - 3 intimate sessions per month with modest interest to basically non-stop contact of some kind and making love every few days, from arguing and nit picking and me wandering off in the evenings... to me begging her to let me be her servant in the evenings. She can melt my brain with a few nice kisses and honestly the emotions that I have after 3 or 4 days without ejaculation are totally unexpected and intense. The other day I broke down in the morning and had to tell her how intensely I felt that I loved her. During sex today I begged her to let me worship her and call her goddess. For me that was basically insane. She looks wonderful to me regardless of how much effort she has put in, and I dissipate some of the pent up energy I have by doing things I know will make her life easier. I can't tell you how many times per day I am asking her if I can do anything for her. This has all happened totally naturally by making this one small change.

I must have an abnormally high drive and affects of the hormone cocktail involved in this process. As I am not truly retaining...but if on day 3 of abstinence we cuddle for a half hour in the morning I will have butterflies and be light headed for the first 4 hours of the day and unable to concentrate...constantly fantasizing. The most challenging part has been doing a good job at work actually.

I seem to rebound from PE very quickly...I would say masturbating daily my "love hormones" stayed in 0-1 range most of the time...I was a total jerk and did not know it. For the last month I have kept a journal...I seem to ride at a level of 6 - 8 now and my PE is very short...maybe a day (i'm sure you'll disagree) and i only go down to a 4 or 5. I actually asked her today if we could schedule time in the evenings for me to serve her about 2 hours after ejaculation...as an example of how I just never get back to a low level of interest of being affectionate and submissive to her.

Keep in mind prior to this our marriage was getting rocky for a couple of years. Kids will do that. But so far this has instilled the courtship and realigned my focus on my wife. She has always and even more now done lots of small things that she knows I love...she's a great woman. I am openly trying to offer her more power through this and she has accepted some, but is not interested in being too manipulative. I am perfectly fine the way things are now. Very balanced, but I want and need her constantly, and with the biological changes that are occurring I'm very naturally treating her much more like the goddess she is.

So...thanks YG for your blog and for playing a part in our discovery of this unique improvement to marriage!

Testimonial #2

Recently my wife forbid any release for 2 weeks, prior was 7-10 days.  In my experience, I can corroborate your study.  Specifically my passion was many fold increased each day and when the day came I made sure her O was slow and multiple.  I was grateful when it was my turn and incredibly delirious during.  Castration is clearly a loaded term but effective castration for me means it impossible to orgasm from any position other than beneath her, submitting to her whim and rhythm. So yes ejaculation control is by far superior than my being left off the leash.  My 'hangover' is a few hours, much less than with a shorter interval and I get back to low/medium level constant arousal with spikes when she chooses to tease/stimulate and receive.  I only hope that the enlightened approach to loving female control you and other bloggers espouse becomes a mainstream option soon.  Each domme will decide what's best for her, in our case I hope it's not less than 2 weeks. Thank you for shining a light.

Testimonial #3

Thank you so much for the great info. Since you wrote about this I decided to put it into place in my marriage to see if it would help. We have not had the intimacy that I would like and need. I have a good husband but, always wanted a closeness that we've been missing.
He was very skeptical but did agree to give it a try. (I insisted a little) After the first few weeks of no orgasm for him I knew this was way better. He was more attentive, affectionate, and loving. I gave him plenty of attention making sure he was near always aroused and lengthened the time between his orgasms. His stamina increased and we were rewarded with longer lovemaking sessions.
We are now at the point where he has not had an orgasm for two months. Something new has come up that you mentioned. He has started at first hinting and now talking about me being with another man.

I don't know if this is something I will do but, I do like the freedom to be me and choose. It doesn't hurt either knowing that it is something that he wants me to do.

I do worry about not letting him ever orgasm but, I don't want to give this up. I know I will have to watch him to make sure he is ok and if he really needs one. So far he seems to be thriving on the extra sexual attention.

Thank you, again. This has made a real change in us.

Testimonial #4

Hello, I very much appreciate your blog. My wife and I have been practicing retention on and off for about two years. When she is setting my schedule our relationship is just "better". When we get off of the schedule our whole relationship energy changes. We have a real FLR, but as you have identified, semen retention is the key for success. Thanks for your posts and please continue to post!

Testimonial #5

Hi, we love your blog. It's been pretty much transformational in our relationship after being married many years.

Testimonial #6

Hi, I discovered your well-written and informative blog while searching for answers about why I crave retention sex so much. Thank you for further enlightening me and my wife about this lifestyle.

I definitely understand your husband’s reluctance to unconditionally surrender to your complete control, because I was there too. It took several years of incremental steps by my wife to fully consolidate her power, control and authority in our marriage and arrive at the point we’re at today.

It all started with her taking control of the household while I was deployed overseas. Returning home from these deployments always led to conflict in our marriage, especially when I attempted to take control of the finances again. My wife consistently did a great job juggling all of her responsibilities as a wife, the mother of our three children, and as the head of our household while I was deployed, so she was adamant about maintaining control (my wife is a stereotypical “feisty” redhead who’s naturally assertive, demanding, firm and quite hedonistic too).

The next step my wife took was to take full control of sex. She gradually became the sole initiator of sex, making me focus on her pleasure first. She also forbade me from self-pleasure because it “harms intimacy and drains passion from our marriage.” She then began conditioning me to practice and embrace semen retention in order to heighten our intimacy. My wife has always been an amazing lover, and it was completely natural for her to take charge of my orgasms. We now have sex completely on her terms, with no expectations of “release” for me, while striving for a 5:1 ratio of her orgasms to mine. She now has multiple orgasms throughout the week while teasing me, denying me, "retaining" me, and only allowing me an orgasm about once every 5 to 7 days. There’s no doubt that her domination in the bedroom has led us to the most amazingly passionate sex that either of us ever could have imagined before.

After my wife fully consolidated her control over sex, her control over everything else in our relationship just naturally fell into place. It became quite clear to both of us that she earned the right to make the rules, lay down the law, and have the final say in all aspects of our marriage and family life. At my wife’s direction, the two of us had a commitment ceremony (where we read our vows to each other and signed them), so there wouldn’t be any doubt about her absolute empowerment and complete control in our relationship. My wife had tears of joy as I read my vows to her. She then had her way with me to consummate our wife-led marriage. The most perplexing aspect for me is that I’m a “Type A” personality in everything else I do, so my unconditional AND willing surrender to my wife's dominance was an utterly improbable transformation for me…, but I also feel profoundly bonded, fulfilled, happy and honored to be her loving, respectful, obedient, deferential and "retained" husband.

We both appreciate our places in the hierarchy and understand her strict rules and expectations. We also both know that she doesn’t tolerate any dishonesty, disobedience or disrespect from me either (including raising my voice or challenging her). She has also made it perfectly clear to me that we’re NEVER going back to the 50/50, conflict-ridden "normal" way things were before.

My wife is a beautiful, smart, strong, sexy, caring, loving, talented, fit, athletic, absolutely amazing woman who is truly flourishing as the Queen of our household. I’m literally in complete awe of her many talents, abilities and qualities. My wife has proven beyond all doubt that she ALWAYS has our best interests and well-being at heart in every decision that she makes. I couldn’t even come close to managing everything as well as she does.

The bottom line is that my wife’s complete control ultimately fostered the joyful, loving, passionate marriage that we both desire. It’s been an amazing journey and transformation for both of us.

Testimonial #7

I love the authenticity, logic, and clarity of your blog. Thank you.

My partner and I have been practicing semen retention since reading your blog, and it has truly eliminated so much of my distraction from indulging day to day, while making her feel better about herself, more secure with me, and much much more pleased.